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Moroccan Bath

The most important SPA desired

The Moroccan bath we provide is distinguished by the ingredients used, special rituals, and the modern technologies used in the bath.

Moroccan bath also has many benefits it helps the body to get rid of toxins and excess water and in weight loss. The steam bath also helps soothe nerves, maintain a fresh skin and a healthy body.

Choose between our selective bath

Traditional Moroccan Bath            Cello Majestic Bath       

Moroccan Bath with Salts               Royal Bath   

Moroccan Bath with Herbs            Musk Bath     

Moroccan Bath with Nila               Oud Oil Bath  


The most important SPA desired

Step in a new world of relaxation. Feel your stress melts away as you enjoy an ultimate massage experience. With our range of massages, we will customize for you the unique massage treatment that perfectly suite your needs and your mood.


Choose between 

Swedish Massage                         Aromatherapy 

Shiatsu                                           Sport Massage

Thai Massage                                Hot Stone              

Royal Massage                              Royal Scrub & Foot Massage


The most important SPA desired

Dull face turns bright, wrinkles shrink away, tired faces treated to shine, and face skin is to be flourished!

Our specialists will examine your face thoroughly and will recommend to you the best facial.

Because not all skin types are the same, we provided different facial treatments to meet the needs of all of us.

Our Facial treatments are

Normal Facial cleaning                             Facial wrinkles Treatments with Collagen

Facial Youth Revolution Treatments       Facial Hydra dermie Treatments

Eye Logic Treatments                                Natural Sensitive Skin Treatments            

Hair style

Your beauty is with your healthy hair

Hair is the basic measure of beauty, and one of the most important elements of beauty for women.

Hair is made up of protein, so a healthy diet and taking care of its cleanliness is an essential part of maintaining attractive hair.

Consult our hair care professional about the appropriate treatment for your hair.

Our services

Hair cut                                             Traditional Hair Treatments     

Part hair cut                                     Olaplex Hair Treatments   
Hair Styling                                       Natural Oils Treatments     
Special Hair Styling                         Natural Herbs Treatments 
Blow dry Normal                             Hair Treatments                     
Blow dry with Curling iron             Protein-Keratin-Btox         
Hairdressing                                    Portier Hair Treatments 

Hands & Foot treatments

The most important SPA desired

Let us take care about whatever upsets you with your hands and feet. Above to that, let us give them the treatment they deserve because their health and cleanness is part of your attraction and image.

Our services


Manicure                                    Nails French Gel Color                    

Deluxe Manicure                       Gelish Nails removal                         

Pedicure                                     Acrylic Nails removal                       

Deluxe Pedicure                        Normal Nails Extension                      

Foot Callus Treatments            Acrylic Nails Extension                     

Hand Scrub                                French Acrylic Extension                     

Nail Polish                                  Gel Nails Extension                          

Gelish Nail Polish                      French Gel Nails Extension                

Nails French Color         

Beauty Services

The most important SPA desired

Pamper yourself with beauty experts at the Cello Ladies & Beauty Spa.


Get a bright and distinctive look using the most luxurious cosmetics in the world.

Give yourself confidence and beauty

Our services

Light Makeup                                       Eyebrows Bleaching

Light Makeup with Eyelashes            Face Bleaching 

Deluxe Makeup                                    Upper lips Bleaching   

Eyelashes Extension                           Hands Bleaching           

Special Eyelashes Extension             Bride Makeup                 

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